Discover the scenic Red Sea coast, bustling capital city Asmara, and breathtaking historical sites like the Ancient City of Adulis. Our expertly crafted wooden map captures the intricate details of Eritrea's beauty.


Illuminate your space with the beauty of Africa through our stunning custom wooden map, featuring captivating cities like Cairo, Johannesburg, and Nairobi. Crafted with precision through laser cutting techniques, this wooden masterpiece is not only a unique gift but also a striking addition to any home decor. Embrace the spirit of Africa with this intricately designed map, celebrating the continent's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture in a truly unforgettable way.


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Nairobi Kenya MapNairobi Kenya Wood Map
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Ewu MapEwu Wood Map
Eritrea MapEritrea Wood Map
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Boulders Beach MapBoulders Beach Wood Map